about Tigger лNatalie╗...  

Natalie was born on Tuesday, 26th of February, 1974, and lives in Yaroslavl (Russia).

From birth she was лthe wild child╗, who had been creating many problems to her parents. Fortunately for them, six years later, after torments and long prays, in family was born Maria, another daughter, quiet and clever, not such mad, as Natalie.

From the early childhood Natalie as an лeastern Ц horoscope╗ tiger, was vigorous and bulletproof person, she could crush mountains... She began to listen to the music in a cradle (her parents preferred modern groups!). However, when she was six years old, parents tried to send her to musical school, but she had done the utmost, to haven`t been accepted there.

She remembered mother`s tears and regrets, but she wasn`t going to leave the music. So, being the teenager, she was actively engaged in the choral singing and played on the real drums in school band. She goes in for sports, she painting and she dreams (Ok, it`s лMolotov Cocktail╗). She has absolutely pitch, but she doesn`t understand the musical notation. It isn`t necessary. She knows, that she wants (лI want it all, and I want it now╗, лQueen╗). And if she need something, she will learn it independently and instantly. The Fate helps her in everything, except for love (лLove is a catastrophe╗, лPet Shop Boys╗).

We shall omit the saga about her childish and teenage musical hobbies, because they were absolutely foolish, and we shall begin a narration from her thirteen year age.

After a lot of empty Soviet pop-groups, the wind of лnew romanticism╗ had blown: лNew Order╗, лWet Wet Wet╗, л└-ha╗... лAll this, certainly, is very good╗ - had told Natalie, expecting something more essential.

The shot of лWild Boys╗ had worked automatically and hit the target: лHere it`s!╗. It was unusual, not like the others, it was impudent, almost apostatic. That was лDuran Duran╗. She had recorded their song on very old tape recorder, and only after long time, after many years, she was involved in a whirlpool лDuranies╗ with new, stupendous strength...


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