(a plenty in a few words)

I want to love you because I understand you. I want to be your friend because we`ll have a theme for conversation always. I want to know, that you exist somewhere because I feel you. I just want to see you `cause it`s impossible.

The friendship is better than love or not? I searched for love, but I`ve found an advertisement. I searched for the prince, but he`s found other princess. I searched for the happiness, but I`ve found an ideal. It`s so badly?

I`ll keep silent because both of us something know. It`s not illusion, it`s a reality. It’s a force which moves us forward. It`s inside us and it`s similar…

I love and respect you because you are able to be so frank. Whether it only for me is given to see this frankness?

Here are (below) my favourite citations of songs which have touched my mind and heart.
Thank you so much, Nigel.

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