The First Impression...  

лI still have my dad`s arched eyebrows and square chin, my mum`s mouth and aristocratic nose. Lucky me╗.
(лIn Between Women╗, fan fiction by Jacinta)

лHere comes little Johnny from the back streets of the UKЕ yeah he`s gonna change the world tonightЕ He won`t give up and he won`t give in and he won`t let up until he gets inside your pretty skinЕ╗
(лFirst Impression╗)

Rex: лWho`s taller, John or Simon?╗
JT: лIt depends on who is having the better day...╗
(лAsk Katy╗, official site of group. Simon Ц 6` 2", John Ц 6` 2")

лMr. J, Mr. J, fuck you life awayЕ╗
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It`s JT. But it is only at first sight Е
External pomposity, rare beauty and unordinary behaviour Е At first sight Е Yes, this is the first, correct impression Е лThe lasting first impressionЕ Is what you`re looking for?!?╗

He isn`t like that, he is absolutely not like that. Especially then when he puts on his glasses, when лhe turns on Е╗, John turns on Nigel. He`s timid, modest and decent, лslightly whimsical╗ Е and really able to love. Despite of change a lot of hobbies, predilections and women... (He just was searching for himself).

He was born June, 20, 1960, in the city with the name Birmingham. There were no neither brothers, nor sisters in his family. And almost nothing is known about his early childhood. Life history of Nigel John began with his 11-years age when the destiny suddenly had reduced he with the boy whose name is Nicolas. It`s some kind of a chemistry, how JT himself explains, the chemistry which is kept and to this day.

And what we have? We have founders of group which daily facilitates and brings pleasure in to our life. Two talented persons are John Taylor and Nick Rhodes.

I had seen his photo for the first time in 2001 when I had bought a disk with the collection of works лDuran Duran╗. I knew neither his name, nor his surname, nor his status in group at that time. I had simply thought: лit`s impossible, such beautiful people don`t exist. This is the obsession. He was as beautiful prince from a fairy tale╗. And there are special details: a square chin and madly beautiful eyes. I look into them as in a mirror and I read his soul like an open book. His fears of communication with people (including women) both shyness and slyness thereЕ Eyes are the mirror of soul, they can not deceive. All his worries, all his failures and all his victories live in that mirror.

At the end of 2003 I had returned to this disk. It was depression again. And already not only Freddie, but also five persons rescue me from it. I had come across the same photo again and I couldn`t understand, who of four guys is represented there (All knew Simon!). Later I had learned a surname - Taylor. But there was a trouble: three persons with surname Taylor were in group. What is his name? Roger, Andy or John? Who else had the same problems, as mad Natalie?

So, he is John Е I know him from the video лRio╗ (the high beautiful young man in red) and лSkin Trade╗ (where his slowly raised left eyebrow and his face omitted downwards, and his purring were the accompaniment to Simon). These were the first videos with their participation which I had seen and remembered and loved.

Yes, he is very beautiful manЕ Casper Van Dien & Charlie Sheen can have a rest already...or can become pensioners...

For me it was necessary to re-read all texts of his songs to understand who is he, and to decide that he`s fine inside as much as outside.

лI me and you... I get into you... I get in tune...╗
лЕI got respect for Jesus, he was a lovely geez. As for little Buddha, I like Keanu ReevesЕ╗
лBeatlemania gave him a glimpse of the outsideЕ He flew too close to the sunЕ Icarus╗.

There are also his other songs: лGetting Intimate╗, лNo Time╗, лThis is the Moment╗Е (I`d read lyrics only, unfortunately, there are a plenty of songs which I never heard, because I haven`t his stuff at all).

There are his works at cinema: лSugar Town╗, лFour dogs playing poker╗, лVegasЕ╗ (ok, I know, what`s this, cinema!).

There are his interview in various mass media...

And something also (thanks God, it`s in the past!)Е A predilection for alcohol, to drugs (thanks God, that all had finished so well), to women (лThere was no sex before I was born╗ - O-oh, dear heartie! Really?!?).

And there are a huge quantity of photos and the sites dedicated to John because he is loved very much by many people: лHow I love this man! I, certainly, had married another man, but John for ever remain for me the first love Е ╗ (from the answer of one American in a forum after I sent JT`s photo-collage to an official site).

Fans call him лThe Bass God╗, and also лTigger Taylor╗, we are similar in this. And we have identical brown hairs and brown eyes, we like Bowie and a little bit лQueen╗: (JT with laughter spoke that within one week listens лQueen╗, after absorption of new music, for example, лRoni Size╗ ш лProdigy╗).

He was magnificent in 20, he is magnificent in 44 as well.

That`s all that I can tell about him. Something else?

Official Site лTrust the Process╗


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